Sustain Your Business

The COVID-19 (Novel Virus) outbreak is impacting businesses worldwide. Enterprises have been forced to put their Business Continuity Plans to work.
While many countries have enforced a complete lockdown (or emergency) for social distancing, almost all governments are asking businesses to effectuate a Work-From-Home policy for their staff.
Through remote content collaboration and digital task management capabilities, Iqxora helps organizations sustain their business with employees working remotely.

Iqxora Digital Task Management

Enterprise Applications

Iqxora Application Development Platform can be leveraged for rapid development and deployment of Process based Enterprise Applications.
These are web applications that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through secure user login.
Allows submissions of transactions / transaction reviews & approvals, detailed view of individual transactions as well as transaction summary view (dashboard charts and reports).

Iqxora for Project Collaborations

Enterprise Project Collaboration

Programs & Projects succeed when team members as well as multiple project teams collaborate effectively.
It is critical for organizations to have a comprehensive project collaboration platform that can hold project documents and also manage the various project phases and associated workflows remotely.
For teams that are globally scattered (or when team members work remotely), all relevant project artefacts should be readily available with proper permission settings and top-class security.
Iqxora Project Container offers this excellent collaboration platform for enterprise projects to succeed.

Collaborate on Project Documents and Tasks

Content Collaboration

Projects involve a large number of documents – project plans, analysis reports, market studies, design diagrams, review reports, test documents, MOMs, rollout plans etc. to name a few.
Iqxora “Project” space allows users to create projects and hold all project documents securely with right set of accesses (user based / role based or group based).
Detailed tamper-free audit log shows the history of transactions for each file / project.
Team members without PCs can access enterprise documents OR respond to workflow tasks in their mobiles / tablets.

Iqxora for Department Collaboration

Operations Management and Collaboration

Documents specific to enterprise operations & internal departments are maintained in other specific containers and permissions are also set accordingly.
For example: BCP guidelines to be followed by employees is a generic document that needs enterprise wide access. On the other hand, Vendor Onboarding checklist could be very specific to a department (say, vendor management group).
Iqxora offers repository spaces to upload and manage operational documents as well as department-level documents.

Iqxora for B2B Collaboration

Operations Management and Collaboration

Iqxora enables seamless B2B collaboration through Iqxora Partner Space.
External parties (customers / partners / vendors / contractors etc.) can be registered in the system as a third-party stakeholder.
Separate Partner Projects can be created in the platform for effective collaboration between single or multiple partners or vendors.
Workflow rules / content extraction engine etc. can be setup on the documents uploaded to Partner Space.

Integrations with Mission Critical Applications

RPA Integrations / API Integrations

Iqxora applications can be integrated efficiently with other missions critical applications.
Enables businesses to setup a connected enterprise applications landscape that permits structured flow of information / tasks / operations across various business applications.
Iqxora can connect to leading RPA platforms like UiPath – that can further engage Bots to perform multi-level business operations.
Iqxora also supports API integrations to enable point-to-point data exchange with third-party business applications.

Collaboration on Confidential Documents

Electronic Vaults for Confidential Documents

Electronic Vault (E-Locker) is a special offering from Iqxora for highly secure and confidential collaboration amongst stakeholders.
Enables users to setup shared lockers in a jiffy. Lockers are protected with an additional layer of password (transaction password).
Each user can login to authorized lockers through their respective transaction password (no more password sharing!).
All those highly confidential documents, spreadsheets etc. can be stored, securely shared and maintained in an electronic locker.
No more damages to business because excel passwords are forgotten! No more security concerns because of internal sharing of excel password!
No more security concerns because of internal sharing of excel password!

Iqxora Security

Top-Class Security for Enterprises

Iqxora platform is equipped with top-class security capabilities to protect enterprise documents and data

All data encrypted with AES-256 encryption. All transmissions done using SSL (https) 256 encryption
Devices to be registered in the application to ensure authorized user access from external devices
Layered multi-tier architecture with security touch-points at individual layers
IP whitelisting capabilities to ensure that Username / Password / IP Address combination is allowed access
Granular file access controls / permissions at a User / Group / Role level and more
Tamper-free audit logs that capture each user transaction with the date-stamp for admin verifications

Why Iqxora

Best-in-class platform for storing, accessing and managing your project or department documents from anywhere in the world.
Digital task management capabilities through powerful and flexible Iqxora Workflow engine.
Password protected lockers for collaborations on confidential content.
Rapid automation, development and deployment of custom workflow based enterprise applications accessible from anywhere in the world.